Highlights –

  • According to Informatica, its data loader, which aims to offer a simple, cost-free way to load data into cloud data warehouses – will soon be directly integrated with the Amazon Redshift console.
  • Informatica said its data marketplace would combine enterprise first-party and third-party datasets from AWS data exchange to speed up self-service analytics and other applications.

Today, the California-based provider of end-to-end cloud data management solutions, Informatica, unveiled its new offerings for products and services by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

At the current AWS re:Invent conference, the company concentrated on equipping enterprise users with the tools they need to quickly find, populate, govern and analyze data in the cloud and go from ingestion to insights in a matter of minutes! These users ranged from departmental users and developers to data scientists and engineers.

Here is a summary of all that was announced.

Data loader for Amazon Redshift

Informatica said that the Amazon Redshift console will now directly integrate its data loader -which is intended to provide a quick, free way to load data into the cloud data warehouses.

With this change, Redshift, a fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse, will give businesses the option to almost instantly launch the data loader and import data from AWS, on-premise, legacy systems, third-party applications, and other sources and ingest it into the data warehouse. Additionally, it provides a guided interface to assist businesses in combining and loading data into their data warehouse for quick access to comprehensive data insights.

AWS Data Exchange support

The business then declared support for AWS data exchange. In order to facilitate quicker self-service analytics and other applications, Informatica stated that its data marketplace would bundle not only organizations’ first-party datasets but also third-party datasets from AWS data exchange. More than 3,500 data products and over 300 data sources are already available on the AWS data exchange.

INFACore Support for Amazon SageMaker Studio

Informatica INFACore, which was first introduced earlier this year, is a plugin that streamlines the creation and upkeep of intricate data pipelines by condensing thousands of lines of code into a single function that can be incorporated into applications using a native UI. Amazon’s Sagemaker Studio, a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for machine learning, now supports this UI.

Enterprises can access and prepare data from any source directly on Amazon SageMaker Studio using INFACore, according to Informatica. Data scientists, data engineers, and developers don’t need to move platforms once it is ready. Their time to value will be reduced from weeks to a few hours by continuing to build, train, tune, debug and deploy their ML models using SageMaker.

Jitesh Ghai, the Chief Product Officer at Informatica, said, “We are thrilled to extend our cloud work with AWS to simplify how departmental users process, manage and more importantly, make smarter decisions with trusted data. The strategic investments we are making in integrating the Informatica cloud platform on AWS will continue to drive the success we have had with joint customers in helping them drive positive business outcomes with their data.”