• Amperity 3.0 is a multi-patented novel category of Enterprise-Grade CDP, exclusively developed for marketing, IT, and analytics leaders.

Amperity introduced the third generation of its Customer Data Platform (CDP) to resolve consumer data challenges faced by enterprise brands worldwide. The CDP sector has grown at a rapid pace in the past few years. This is because most vendors have concentrated on point solutions, some serving analytics or IT to organize mobile or web data. At the same time, others are serving marketers with a concentration on data personalization and activation. In several situations, brands are cobbling together multiple CDPs to take control of their data.

Amperity 3.0 is the first enterprise CDP with power, scale, and flexibility to help the teams across an enterprise use data to serve their clients. Amperity’s collaboration with leading companies such as DICK’s Sporting Goods, Kroger, and others shows its ability to invest in a customer data foundation amongst drastic changes to user behavior these days.

“At DICK’s, we strive to serve and inspire athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to achieve their best,” commented Tony Marshall, VP of Analytics, Business Intelligence and amp; Data Science at DICK’s Sporting Goods. “In partnership with Amperity, we’re building a stronger customer data foundation that will enable us to personalize every in-store and digital touchpoint we have with our customers. Being able to combine customer data from our millions of customers across the country, in a comprehensive and unified view, will help inform strategic business decision-making and ultimately provide them with nothing less than the best experiences.”

Amperity 3.0 is a novel multi-patented end-to-end platform with three different products:

  • AmpIQ – is a novel point-and-click marketer hub for omnichannel activation and consumer intelligence that boosts immediate return on investment (ROI) gains.
  • AmpID – is a comprehensive first-party identity product with flexibility and transparency, which is innovative in the identity management category.
  • Amp360 – this new age Customer 360 offers every team across the organization real-time access to the consumer information they need.

Amperity DataGrid is the only solution to activate, ingest, analyze, and unify consumer data with the agility, performance, and scale that organization brands require. DataGrid is

used at an organizational scale to power brand’s online and offline data sets with the latest real-time signals. AmpIQ, AmpID, and Amp360 are end-to-end product groups developed on DataGrid, allowing brands to shift from raw data to persistent identities, advanced predictive analytics, and rich customer profiles. Thus, it is responsible for making Amperity 3.0 the first and the only CDP developed to fulfill the requirements of large enterprise consumer brands.

For brands, the Enterprise CDP is a fundamental shift that includes real-time point-and-click access, insights, predictive models, and activation. For expansion, the present enterprises need:

  • Enterprise-grade ROI
  • Enterprise-scale
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Enterprise speed
  • Enterprise flexibility
  • Enterprise-grade identity resolution
  • Enterprise-grade extensibility and amp; interoperability
  • Enterprise self-serve controls for change management

“We’ve had the privilege of working with forward-thinking enterprise brands since the early days of Amperity,” commented Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity.

This first Enterprise CDP has arrived when large customer-facing companies are fast-tracking their digital transformations to keep pace with radical alterations in customer behaviors and inclinations. Thus, Amperity is the one and only one CDP that uses ML (Machine Learning) to comprehensively solve the most significant challenges between “using customer data and having customer data.” Thus, giving more power to enterprises to make advanced decisions and deliver more personalized consumer experiences that develop the business.

“The world has changed, and brands are looking to implement CDP technology to large-scale problems,” commented Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer at Amperity. “Solving for customer-centric growth and long-term loyalty can’t be done by one department alone. Our customers aren’t just looking to create incremental efficiencies in marketing, they’re seeking the data and insights that Amperity provides to be used in coordination by numerous teams across the enterprise to address their core business challenges and opportunities systematically.”

Amperity’s Customer Data Platform has transformed the way brands discover, connect, and understand with their clientele by taking advantage of AI to deliver a comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. This multi-patented unified approach advances marketing performance, consumer experience, and fuels accurate customer insights.