SAP, a German software multinational, moves closer to the planned release of Work Zone for HR, the brand new HXM (Human Experience Management) solution engineered to offer a personalized digital workspace for employees.

In essence, the tool offers access to business tools, communications, and information via a single user experience.

Revealed in June this year, Work Zone for HR can potentially be deployed across the organization to integrate the use of different systems. Other than switching from one app to another while working, it enables users to tap into more tools and information seamlessly through a single place.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 impact that has stressed out employer and employees in more or less the same way, SAP SuccessFactors believes its experienced oriented approach to HCM (Human Capital Management) continues to be important. Enterprises need help as they struggle with engagement and efficiency in a workplace that is scattered more the ever and under pressure to perform.

As mentioned in a blog post by SuccessFactors SVP of Products and Design, Amy Wilson, “The employee experience is hampered when users must juggle multiple applications. SAP’s research indicates that 74% of employees believe their work experience would improve if they had better technology.”

Since the launch of the Human Experience Management approach in 2019, SuccessFactors has claimed that HCM systems work best when they are intuitive and introduce their capabilities in the flow of work.

Personalized Work Zone

As per Amy Wilson, Work Zone for HR is a “personalized digital workplace” that enables users to access everything necessary to do their work and personalize it to match their urgencies.

Besides the SuccessFactors module, Work Zone can easily connect solutions from partner apps and the SAP platform. It also enables users to personalize dashboards to allow them to organize elements to match their approach toward work. The system displays content and insights on a personalized basis as well.

The purpose

Work Zone for HR by SAP is intended to enhance collaboration and learning by streamlining access to peer resources and intelligent recommendations along with community and affinity groups.

Preview of the product was made available in October and will commonly be available in November 2020, said Wilson.