• With the integration of TestComplete and BitBar, SmartBear delivers the industry’s broadest capabilities to help consumers automate testing for SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle EBS.

SmartBear – best application management solution

SmartBear, a primary provider of software development and quality tools, recently incorporated TestComplete with BitBar. The company expands the assistance of automated, codeless testing for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and mobile applications.

What TestComplete and BitBar cover?

TestComplete is an automated UI (User Interface) testing tool that covers one from device cloud to packaged apps. BitBar is an all-in-one real device testing cloud that covers automated testing in any framework, AI (artificial intelligence) powered codeless, or manual app testing against real devices at scale.

Codeless mobile test

TestComplete operators could be able to create a codeless mobile test and later use these tests in BitBar across devices. In addition, TestComplete increases assistance for testing enterprise applications such as SAP (System Applications and Products), Salesforce, and Oracle EBS.

As businesses continue to boost digital transformation, SmartBear’s novel version of the test automation tool helps ensure mobile and web apps work as expected across devices and the availability of essential applications required by businesses.

Integration confirms quality across all platforms, devices

Now every company across the globe is an e-commerce company. With the proliferation of mobile and web applications, the TestComplete BitBar integration and the current TestComplete CrossBrowserTesting integration add up phenomenal scale and confirm quality across all platforms and devices.

TestComplete can now be used to access device labs in the cloud by non-technical users and citizen testers to do more with the time they have for testing.

The growth of business applications necessitates the requirement to introduce test automation to initiate efficacies and timely deployment. With BitBar and CrossBrowserTesting integration, business analysts make sure that their mission-important applications such as Salesforce and SAP work seamlessly across all browsers and devices as expected.

TestComplete offers depth and breadth of support and delivers a smooth experience for testing desktop, web, and mobile applications.

SmartBear is known to be the best provider of application management solutions.

Expert’s view

Prashant Mohan, Senior Product Manager at SmartBear, commented: “The DevOps motion is truly underway, and testing can no longer be a bottleneck.”

He further added, “Whether you are a developer, tester, or business analyst, you need to test, and you need to do it quickly. By scaling tests across several browsers and devices in a matter of clicks or testing complex applications such as SAP and Salesforce, TestComplete provides a complete platform for automated testing of every application type, leading the industry in the breadth of capabilities.”