Based out of Irvine, California, CalAmp, a tech giant involved in delivering global tech solutions, recently introduced compelling and customer-centric updates to its public sector fleet intelligence platform offered via its subsidiary dubbed as Synovia Solutions.

App details

The superior COVID-19 Synovia Solutions mobile app is capable of performing two vital functions that were previously available only on a cab-mounted tablet. The features include clocking in and out for the time and attendance feature along with a trip inspection that is now upgraded with COVID-19 hygiene verification and wellness of the driver.

The upgrades mentioned above are a result of recent customer requests to offer better flexibility for fleet operators working remotely considering the pandemic, along with Synovia’s long-term commitment of being at the frontline of mobile app excellence.

Expert take

Jeff Clark, Senior Vice President of Product Management, CalAmp, said, “We began this critical work well before COVID-19 but recently accelerated development activity on these innovations to provide our customers greater flexibility as they strive to protect employees amid the ongoing pandemic.” He added, “These upgrades add important value to our mobile app, making it an essential gateway between fleet managers and their employees operating in the field.”

The Synovia Solutions mobile app comes with over 25,000 monthly users and flaunts a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store.

The Time and Attendance feature by Synovia enables fleet operators to log in and log out of work remotely. This eliminates the need for drivers to utilize the centralized system in an office or a garage setting.

The app blends with a range of popular human resources payroll solutions and is deployed by over 30,000 drivers today.

Synovia Solutions caters to over 1,000 fleet customers across the North American geography and displays an inspiring assortment of mobile apps including, “Here Comes The Bus,” an award-winning school bus tracking app.

This popular school bus tracking app has over 2 million registered users and is appreciated by over 300 school districts with a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store.

More about Covid-19 ready fleet tracking app

The trip inspection module weaved in the app offers a digital interface that enables pre- and post-trip vehicle checks that are part of the legal mandate in several states for public sector vehicles.

The trip inspection module also comes with an in-built driver wellness check that helps employees validate COVID-19 symptoms. This allows fleet managers to keep a check on employee health even when they are not directly reporting to the office.

This module also covers the vehicle hygiene verification mechanism along with regular checklist inspections such as lights, roadworthy indicators, and signals. This functionality enables managers to keep a check on vehicle hygiene activities and make a detailed report that displays sanitation efforts across the entire fleet necessary for internal and external compliance requirements.

The features mentioned above simplify fleet operation and reduces fleet operation, saving school districts and independent fleet operators money and time.

“Fleet managers and government fleet executives have long trusted the Synovia app to manage their fleet operations when they’re away from the desktop interface,” Clark said. “With these new innovations, the app is a fleetwide value-add that will allow drivers to accomplish mission-critical tasks without entering a physical building. We’re excited to support our customers with this capability extension.”

About CalAmp

Headquartered in California, CalAmp is a telematics leader involved in leading transformation in the globally connected economy. Recognized as the provider of software services such as cloud services, networked telematics, and data intelligence services and products, the company also offers edge computing devices and SaaS-based apps for remote management of vehicle and consumer products.