Tech Mahindra, an Indian tech multinational, on February 3, 2021, got candid about its new partnership with RSA Scandinavia, a leading general insurer in the Nordics.

Based on the strategic goals, Tech Mahindra will help RSA Scandinavia with its IT infra digitization game plan by transforming the insurer’s mainframe operations by leveraging next-generation services to improve CX (customer experience) and faster time-to-market.

Additionally, the strategic partnership between the two entities will work toward fast-tracking consumerization of digital services and offer agility and flexibility to RSA Scandinavia to empower them for improved customer service across the globe.

The experts take

Mukul Dhyani, Senior Vice President and Business Head Continental Europe, Tech Mahindra, commented, “We are delighted to partner with RSA Scandinavia. This underscores our capabilities and substantial strength in the Banking and amp; Insurance domain, allied to our long history of successfully servicing global customers. Having a global experience with some of the biggest Financial institutions across geographies will enable us to catalyze this high-value engagement. Our relationship is a testimony to our continuous focus towards the Nordics and amp; strengthens our position as a trusted technology partner for all our Nordic customers.”

Michael Schønecker, Head of IT Operations, RSA Scandinavia, said, “Tech Mahindra and RSA Scandinavia are entering a Strategic Partnership which will improve our time-to-market and ensure flexible, scalable solutions, enabling an improved service to our customers. The partnership is based on a common understanding of the importance of being flexible, but at the same time being able to adapt to the digital transformation. We have throughout the process been very satisfied with the customer-facing approach Tech Mahindra has delivered and are looking forward to our future partnership.”

On the progress and innovative front, Tech Mahindra, under its TechMNxt charter, enriches its portfolio with a constant focus on developing next-generation technologies including, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cybersecurity, 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain to make a difference and empower digital transformation and to develop cutting-edge technology solutions and services for customers worldwide.