• VERB is all set to bring to reality AI capability to its line-up of sales tools
  • The new Pulse feature will significantly enhance sales productivity

Verb Technology Company, Inc., a frontrunner in interactive video-based sales enablement apps, including webinar, interactive Livestream eCommerce, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and marketing applications for businesses, recently got candid about introducing AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities to its sales enablement platform.

The company has introduced a feature called “Pulse,” which happens to be the pilot iteration of VERB’s AI initiatives developed to make it easy for anyone to sell, offering pros and start-ups a similar competitive advantage.

The new feature will go live in August 2021.

Designed and engineered for the sales squad, Pulse is a feature that helps automate the management of customer relationships and interactions.

Pulse directs users through reminders, suggestions, and behavior-driven prompts for specific customers depending on back-dated activities and behavior. The new feature also provides various activity-based reports to offer insights on pilot orders, upcoming or canceled shipments, and information on active or inactive customers.

Furthermore, the feature suggests tasks with the capacity to deliver timely customer interactions, such as setting reminders for later, following up now, or promptly connecting with inactive customers, or using pre-written messages with suggested content based on the recommended action. In addition, Pulse provides a dashboard view of sales team members that gives insights for sales team management.

The experts’ take

Rory J. Cutaia, Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of Verb Technology Company, Inc., mentioned: “We always look for ways to strengthen our software offerings and continue to lead the sales tools industry.”

Cutaia added: “Pulse is an innovative feature that we believe will have an immediate positive impact on our users’ day-to-day customer outreach, and the latest in a series of hyper-growth initiatives we intend to deliver to the market. Think about how much easier it will be for a salesperson tracking hundred, if not thousands of customers, to make sure no potential sale falls through the cracks. With customizable push notifications, Pulse greatly enhances user awareness to support customers more effectively, increases customer interactions and engagement, and facilitates greater communication more easily through the application. We believe the personal touch from these direct communications will result in increased sales.”

Additional information

In May 2021, VERB added the Attribution feature to its livestream eCommerce app verbLIVE.

The Attribution feature adds an affiliate marketing technology to verbLIVE, enabling team members to get credit for purchases made by referrals to verbLive sessions hosted by others. Additionally, by sharing livestream session invitations, the app allows hosts to drive attendance and generate revenues exponentially.