Videos can be a powerful tool to help dealerships answer questions from service drive customers and potential buyers. Based on this concept, Covideo, a video messaging software firm based out of Indianapolis, has joined hands with Elead, the automotive CRM player, to introduce an integration that enables shared users to record, send, and track videos within the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

As per a new release, users will have access to Covideo’s software directly within the user’s Elead account, enabling them to record new videos, add them to their messages, utilize existing videos, and automatically track activity.

Additionally, the software players mentioned that the videos sent via  Covideo’s desktop or mobile apps would automatically get logged in to the corresponding customer’s record in Elead.

The idea behind the integration

Covideo’s integration with Elead is the first of its kind that can facilitate users to incorporate personalized video into messages and closely track the outreach without making any manual entry.

What do expert’s say?

Covideo’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Jason Price mentioned: “This partnership aims to save dealers time and effort, while also creating a more efficient process to engage buyers, strengthen relationships, and drive higher sales.”

“With Covideo’s integration, salespeople and BDC teams can do everything from start to finish from a single screen.” Price said: “It’s hands down the fastest, most streamlined way for dealers to incorporate video into their outreach.”