, the pilot integrated technology solution developed to automate Cadence creation, recently announced the release of a brand-new integration with SalesLoft.

The newfound integration with SalesLoft is accessible immediately through the SalesLoft Integrations App Directory.

Why is the new integration groundbreaking?

For many sales representatives and sales managers, content creation and recognizing ideal touch patterns are challenging and time-consuming procedures for operating a sophisticated sales organization.

The lack of historical data to support subject line creation, communication, and copywriting can take weeks or months of trial and error to augment Cadence performance. But now has a solution to that problem. creates a powerful yet easy-to-use, modern platform developed on 1.6 billion rows of high-performing sales activity data. This effective formula enables modern sales to maintain balance and enhance between elements such as personalization, credibility, and relevance.

Its customers have the liberty to create their Cadences in, and upload them into SalesLoft to immediately start using that Cadence. This practically saves customers hours previously invested in building the Cadence and generating their own content.

What do experts say?’s Co-Founder and CEO Matt Millen said, “The integration provides a seamless user experience for customers as they build their inbound/outbound/follow-up Cadences in and upload them directly into SalesLoft.”

He added, “The combined technology experience takes the guesswork out of the Cadence building process as replaces habits and bias with best-practices, insights, and data.”

SalesLoft’s Co-Founder and CEO Kyle Porter mentioned, “Our number one priority is and always will be to help our customers succeed.”

Porter further added, “Our customers who leverage can now upload curated, data-driven Cadences in directly into SalesLoft. Sellers can give their buyers fantastic, personalized, and relevant buying experiences and close more deals.”