ChannelAssist Inc. and Gorilla Corporation recently broke the news of entering into a long-term strategic partnership to accelerate growth for both the entities in the execution of channel sales management and delivery space.

The new energetic and groundbreaking partnership will utilize the strengths and proficiency of ChannelAssist and Gorilla in the channel sales and marketing arena.

ChannelAssist is a frontrunning tech innovator involved in delivering a robust and 360-degree channel engagement solution. The solution offers complete visibility into rep performance with the help of a strong and scalable platform leveraged by a large number of sales representatives. The platform offers leading education, reward, and incentive alternatives.

As per Richard Stevens, ChannelAssist President, “This partnership is very exciting for both.” He adds, “Gorilla is recognized as a thought leader in the channel providing their clients with world-class channel initiatives. ChannelAssist will provide an essential piece of the overall channel solution.”

On the progress front, Gorilla has earned the reliability quotient of being the go-to name for global channel partner revenue growth, offered via its co-marketing (TCMA) platform. It is also widely recognized for its potential to engage partners within flavors like cultural and native linguistic context via its regional presence in the APAC (Asia-Pacific-Japan), Middle East, Europe, and Africa, and the Americas.

Gorilla Corporation CEO Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere further explains, “Gorilla Corporation has a full stack offer to technology manufacturers in terms of partner engagement and development, but when it comes to incentives and promotions we see that as a separate science, and we prefer to work with specialists.” He added, “ChannelAssist, as the originators of the outstanding HP Inc. Blue Carpet program, come with a depth of best-in-class experience, which can be leveraged in favor of our clients.”