4 Key Essentials to a Hybrid Care Strategy

4 Key Essentials to a Hybrid Care Strategy

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 08, 2024

Hybrid care is an interconnected healthcare model that supports and integrates in-person, virtual, and automated care interactions.

This innovative approach transforms the industry from a traditional, episodic model to an always available, coordinated support system that guides the health and wellness of consumers. The intent of hybrid care is to leverage services and technologies to create more personalized, seamless experiences, as well as greater access and connection across touchpoints:

• In-person care can be enhanced using devices and virtual teams to extend bedside staff capacity with solutions including virtual nursing and remote specialty consults.
• Virtual visits offer an alternative to in-person visits when clinically appropriate.
• Automated care programs support individuals between visits. Regular check-ins increase engagement in care plans, close care gaps, and escalate care to the appropriate visit setting, when needed.

By enabling this holistic approach, hybrid care maximizes engagement, expands support, and improves outcomes. Find the 4 key essentials to a successful hybrid care strategy in Amwell’s Hybrid Care Strategy eBook.