Allego, a well-known sales learning and enablement platform firm, on April 27, 2021, got candid about its technology platform being leveraged to deliver Corporate Visions’ coaching programs, consulting, and training content to over 30,000 users.

Corporate Visions, the foremost provider of science-backed training and consulting services and one of the Training Industry’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies, deploys the Allego platform to offer enterprise-class content and services to customers within their daily workflow.

The partnership between the two well-known enterprises offers Corporate Visions a potential platform necessary to effectively deliver and enhance learning content and coaching services to its clients.

Allego, the sales enablement provider, transforms as Corporate Visions’ exclusive sales enablement platform by replacing Corporate Visions’ former learning management system (LMS) and sales enablement platform.

The expert’s take

Doug Hutton, SVP of Products at Corporate Visions, said, “Our customers are getting more value quicker through this partnership with Allego.” He added,  “Allego has all the power and capabilities we need to deliver and manage every piece of digital content we build for marketing, sales, and customer success. And it’s surprisingly easy to use. Our customers aren’t fighting with technology to get the messages, training, and coaching they need when they need it in their daily workflow.”

Finastra, the foremost pure-play software vendor focused on the financial services sector, introduced eight Corporate Visions courses for nearly 850 salespeople over a period of six months deploying the Allego platform.

On this, Anna Hiett, Global Head of Sales Training at Finastra, expressed, “Our investment in these courses and content is a key element of our sales training strategy.”

Anna added, “Having the ability to directly import the Corporate Visions courses into our existing Allego sales enablement system saves us valuable time previously spent downloading and uploading content between different systems. It also provides the flexibility to add experiential exercises and supplemental custom content to ensure our teams are absorbing and retaining what they learn. We now have the ability to deploy updates to in-flight courses, ensuring everyone is always learning from the latest available Corporate Visions material while preserving integrity of reporting.”

Tim Kasida, WW Strategic Partnership Leader at Allego, said, “Since partnering with Corporate Visions early last summer, we’ve proven the value of delivering marketing and sales skills content, coaching, and training services at scale on Allego’s integrated sales learning and enablement platform.”

Tim further stated, “Working together, Corporate Visions and Allego will continue to enable winning relationships between organizations and their customers by providing the best training content and services all in one location.”