• NetSuite assists businesses with internal workflow management. The firm offers customized versions of its stack that address a variety of industry-specific difficulties.
  • NetSuite’s CPQ will enforce a comprehensive set of criteria to guarantee that all configurations are feasible.

The future of NetSuite’s business may be summarized in one word: Automation. The firm, which is holding its annual SuiteWorld conference in Las Vegas, is revealing a number of enhancements and new products that, according to the company, will save a significant amount of time for both front-line employees and the managers who deploy them.

Evan Goldberg, the founder of NetSuite and executive vice president of Oracle, said, “NetSuite has been spending 20-plus years trying to help fast-growing businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, and this year is no different.”

NetSuite workflow solutions are quietly effective

NetSuite has based its business on assisting businesses with internal workflow management. The firm offers customized versions of its stack that address a variety of industry-specific difficulties. Their products are utilized in managing warehouses, campus stores, restaurants, and at least two dozen other businesses. Each discovers a way to automate several duties unique to their area.

These web-based productivity solutions have gained immense interest recently as they may be quite helpful when they provide customized automation. Adobe’s recent acquisition of Figma for around USD 20 billion in cash and equity demonstrates that even the niche of assisting online users with picture editing can be lucrative.

Although many of the back office activities provided by NetSuite are rarely observed, they highlight how the correct combination of software and workflow management may be unexpectedly advantageous.

CPQ: Automated sales path to avoid surprises

One of this week’s announcements targets a niche that many may overlook. NetSuite CPQ assists sales teams in creating “configure, price, and quote” (CPQ) work. Even before a contract is concluded, the system will establish a sales route that assists sales teams in working with customers and answering queries. It juggles SKUs and configurations before generating a legally binding proposal that eliminates surprises for clients and the teams responsible for delivering what the sales team promised.

NetSuite’s CPQ will enforce a comprehensive set of criteria to guarantee that all configurations are feasible. At the same time, it will automate a significant portion of the production of the quotation to facilitate the sales team’s job so they can spend more time with clients.

Rick Bauerly, founder and CEO of Granite Partners, said, “With NetSuite CPQ, we see how our community of companies can better serve customers while providing a great experience for team members. It allows us to connect our front-end processes to product manufacturing and service fulfilment through to the back end. Ultimately, it increases velocity, profitability and value creation for all stakeholders.”

New tool for managing workers

A new program, SuitePeople Workforce Management, will assist businesses with hiring, scheduling, and paying their employees. It’s similar to a time clock but intelligent enough to manage many scheduling and compliance obligations. It allows managers to avoid many fundamental obstacles that impede the design of weekly or monthly work schedules. The more precise tracking ensures that everyone gets paid accurately and on time after completing the assignment.

Kristi Miller, product and platform director of Urban Legacy, said, “With SuitePeople Workforce Management, scheduling shifts and tracking employees’ time is more efficient than ever. I make all approvals directly in NetSuite and create a payroll batch with one click. This helps put Urban Legacy in a position to plan intelligently and change operations quickly.”

At heart is a scheduling-rule engine aggregating employee requests, manager projections, and any compliance rules as applicable. Employees and supervisors may monitor their work schedules via mobile applications and dashboards. After completing the work, the dashboards track spending and utilization, enabling everyone to make better data-driven cost choices.

Goldberg said, “In a tight labor market, organizations need to elevate the management of their workforce to be competitive. With SuitePeople Workforce Management, organizations can quickly adjust staffing to align with changing business conditions.”

A glimpse into the future

According to Goldberg, NetSuite will focus on five primary themes that all entail automating its clients’ workflow in the coming years. First, they wish to increase productivity, primarily by automating routine operations. Second, they aim to improve visibility so that everyone in the team can comprehend the progress of the task better.

Third, they want to enhance their agility to guarantee that all of their clients may modify the workflow to meet their immediate demands and make any necessary adjustments. Fourth, provide wider, more in-depth, and more accurate insight into business processes so that the software captures better, more usable data. Lastly, enhance teamwork, as it might diminish as businesses expand. Goldberg said, “Employees expect to come in and be using systems that are as agile and approachable as the things that they’re using at home. That’s really what we’re going to be investing in, so it’s easier to adopt and easier to learn.”

The SuiteWorld conference takes place from September 27 through September 30. Several of the sessions are also streamed live. Reduced access to the whole program is offered for USD 50, and those considering the platform can see the highlights for free.