CX management or also known as customer experience management seems to in a tussle with the traditional CRM. CRM vendors such as Zoho, SAP, Oracle, and Zendesk have placed a renewed emphasis on the Customer Experience over CRM for the past few years. Salesforce CRM developers that have utilized cloud technology to provide a solution to enterprises also recently said that for them CXM will be the main priority in the future. The better CXM is different from just the display functions; it will be closer to automating the sales, inbound marketing for sales, and internet commerce. Along with that, the investment will depend on the checkout and self-service tools such as Chatbot interaction and automating the re-order after the initial sale.


The CX management model will assist in reducing the challenges that develop during the sales process easing the process from the web search to final sale. It also makes the sales experience channelized and the customers will be rest assured to back on the website. The Customer Experience IT developers can be rest assured to adopt different CRM tools from the native app to help automate the marketing. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may be one of the best tools for the inside sales team for the B2B and B2C enterprises. The critical part of any sales process deals with different CX management and getting the CRM native tools onboard to solve the challenges of the applications.