Here goes a quick round of recent news on marketing technology.


Nintex, the process management and automation platform, has brought several enhancements to the Nintex Workflow Cloud Product. It has introduced users to a new feature, namely, Nintex Gateway. The new feature allows adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots to the workflows they create by using the tool. Another enhancement is to test the workflows as they are built—this “task authentication” feature is added to protect the platform against unauthorized and malicious suspects.

How does it help?

The Marketing Operations (MOPs) teams have a list to handle the never-ending project management tasks. So, any tool that adds efficiency is a welcome benefit. When the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots can perform functions such as mimicking human keystrokes and other actions to interact with systems and services, it maximizes the team’s efficiency. Any additional feature that reduces human effort and adds up to the efficiency becomes capable of earning interest and market appreciation., a social ad automation platform, is now extending a hand to a wider set of advertisers through its popular Pinterest solution. The advertisers, including DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), travel, and grocery brands, can diversify their marketing mix and promote their brands on the platform. Previously, the company worked with large-scale CPG brands, helping them target customers with customized offers. Now, it is available for more brands and advertisers to build a Pinterest ad campaign.

Tuomo Riekki, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder,, said, “Pinterest is a prime example of a channel that continues to evolve and outpace brand expectations. Our new solution helps them get there — simplifying the process to run ads by letting brands leverage their assets used on Facebook and Instagram on Pinterest, all while reducing manual work with automation.”

How does it help?

Economic challenges are progressing every day and will boost in the future, considering the coronavirus pandemic. In such circumstances, the retailers and e-commerce companies will  need all the possible help. Pinterest is giving them access to a platform that offers creative ad templates and automation tools for managing their campaigns. The famous social media platform leverages automation tools, bulk uploading, editing functionality, and customized templates to offer the best performance.

It is offering a lot of space to advertisers for turning the sales with the right campaign. Since Pinterest has high buyer intent, has a reason to pick this as a channel to scale campaigns.