9 Steps to Owning Your Code

9 Steps to Owning Your Code

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 05, 2019

A Developer’s Guide to Managing Your Code

The role of the software developer is rapidly changing as digital natives are disrupting every industry vertical and businesses are expected to innovate, respond, and be available to their customers 24×7. To meet these demands, developers—the architects of customer experiences—are being pushed toward owning their own code.

Managing your code is something to be excited about. Establishing this accountability empowers developers with the information and control to ensure the services you build are production-ready and high-performing.

Discover 9 steps to owning your code, including:

  • Understanding your services and your customers’ experiences
  • Recruiting the right people quickly
  • Working your way and with your favorite tools
  • Building more resilient services and much more!