How to Attract More Hungry Customers to Your Locations (Free E-Guide)

How to Attract More Hungry Customers to Your Locations (Free E-Guide)

Published by: Research Desk Released: Feb 07, 2020

How to Attract More Hungry Customers to Your Locations. Today’s most important food and beverage marketing strategy.

Long gone are the days when marketing and brand teams could rely on a linear customer journey — from awareness to consideration to purchase.

Today, the customer journey is unpredictable and no longer resembles the typical marketing funnel.

Empowered by an abundance of information at their fingertips, consumers are now owning the customer journey, and no two customer journeys are the same.

Your customers and prospects are essentially transforming the entire marketing funnel through every review read, expression of intent, click, mobile search query and interaction with your brand.

Your hungry and thirsty customers are turning to their mobile devices first for products, services and information wherever they are – right here and right now.

If digital marketers for food or beverage brands play their dining cards right they can place themselves in a key area to get more customers simply by targeting local consumer search.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

– The hungry customer’s new journey
– The problem with your current marketing plan
– What ‘near me’ searches are and why they matter
– Why unbranded local search queries matter
– 3 steps to optimise your brand for ‘near me’ searches

How to rank for ‘near me’ searches