What Every Business Needs to Consider for Amazing Customer Service

What Every Business Needs to Consider for Amazing Customer Service

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 01, 2021

Not too long ago, there were two primary modes of communication for customer service: phone and fax. Today, the list is endless: voice, live chat, email, SMS, social media. Customers are also increasingly looking to serve themselves without any human intervention using voice, knowledge base articles, forum/message boards, and automated chat (which is easier than ever with simple app integration). Then there are the many different devices customers use to engage over these channels: smartphone, tablet, desktop, smartwatch, and voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa and Siri from Apple. You have to make it effortless for customers to connect with your organization across all communication channels and devices – both voice and digital – without confusion or complexity.

Customers shouldn’t have to resort to a phone call because digital engagement isn’t designed for the job. If your organization is having difficulties serving customers across all channels and devices, here’s what you’ll gain by putting the right tools in place: Increased customer loyalty with the ability to create fully integrated communications across different channels and devices.

Enable seamless interactions, customer-to-employee handoffs, and data that helps everyone work faster and smarter with more satisfaction. More authentic human connections by tapping into the power of skills or attribute routing to match incoming customer inquiries with the right employees.

Increased customer convenience and employee efficiency with the ability to offer powerful, AI-based self- service options–all with the human touch that keeps everyone connected. Ever-evolving cloud customer service technology has brought new ways for customers to engage. It’s no longer about just service– it’s about experiences.