Intracto Group, a digital communications firm that combines in-depth expertise in keystones like technology, strategy, marketing, creation, and content, recently broke the news of purchasing Orangedotcom, an Amsterdam-based digital marketing agency.

The recent acquisition follows two other purchase deals made by the company. Marlon and Mia Interactive in February 2021, and We are you in November 2020.

The acquisition of Orangedotcom helps Intracto Group to move toward being an integrated full-services agency.

Supporting companies with digital growth

Orangedotcom is a digital marketing agency involved in supporting its clients by offering them a clear approach, short lines of communication by being quick and proactive.

Established in 2011 by the founder duo, Arnoud Duiker and Michael Hardeman, Orangedotcom displays specialty in eCommerce, home décor, fashion, and recruitment. A few of the most notable brand names in the company’s client list include Samsung, Red Bull, OneFit, Cavallaro Napoli, Brunel, Tony’s Chocolonely, Tele2, QWIC, Mollie, and the ANWB.

As per the company, its team strength includes 30 digital experts who dedicatedly work toward achieving digital growth for clients.

Talking about growth and development, Arnoud Duiker, Co-Founder of Orangedotcom, mentioned, “Together with the team at Intracto Group, we are better equipped to fulfil our ambition of being a leading digital agency. We want to relieve our clients of their digital worries from A to Z. Clients increasingly demand that we are not just their partner for niche assignments. They need a partner who is willing and capable to take on real responsibilities.”

Idea behind the acquisition from an expert point of view

Pieter Janssens, CEO of Intracto Group, says, “We’ve seen an impressive digital acceleration since March 2020, because of COVID-19. This process is irreversible. Companies increasingly realise the strategic importance of their digital presence and the ecosystem they need to build and maintain. The team at Orangedotcom is, therefore, a targeted acquisition for us. They excel in SEA, SEO, social advertising, CRO, analytics, and marketplaces. In short, everything that has to do with digital marketing.”

He further adds, “Adding our existing qualities to the mix; this is a big win for our customers and our colleagues. On the one hand, customers can trust us with even more responsibility and the associated impact. On the other hand, our team members get an even more interesting playing field. We strengthen our defence and our offence, allowing them to score even easier.”

As per Brian Hirman, Director Corporate Development/M and amp;A Intracto Group, Orangedotcom will become part of the Amsterdam campus. It is the campus that already operates with a strong performance marketing team on board, Booming. With Orangedotcom, Campus Amsterdam now has a complete online marketing team.

By acquiring Orangedotcom, Intracto has successfully added 30 powerful team members to Campus Amsterdam, accentuating the strategic importance of the Dutch capital. Post the acquisition formalities, Orangedotcom founders, Arnoud and Michael, will continue to work for growth at the Amsterdam campus.

About Intracto Group

Based out of Benelux, Intracto Group is a digital services firm that combines in-depth expertise to deliver exceptional services with cornerstones like strategy, technology, marketing, content, and creation.

The company has more than 1,375 specialist resources working in these fields across nine locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Conceived in 2005, the company includes a powerful set of national and international clients. Few of these names include Johnson and amp; Johnson, Brussels Airport, D’Ieteren, Rabobank, Proximus, Hyundai, Coop, ING, and Q8.