Social Media is becoming an influencer marketplace not just for major players but even for the mid-range players. Recently a social media enthusiast with over 10,000 followers received a curling wand for hairs from one of the well-known brands in beauty electronic products. She later told the company if the product turns out good she would post about it on her Instagram account. Such kinds of marketing is a new trend that’s been followed by brands that want to connect with customers through social media profiles that don’t actually have a huge number of followers.

Brands are also considering small social media players as it helps them to reduce the marketing cost and influence the buyer persona directly. Lot more fashion brands are now seen following the trend of approaching the Nano-influencers for product promotion.

According to the social media advertiser, “Brands are following this technique as an experiment to check if the sales pattern will change or not. For most, it could work and for some, it might not because the Nano-influencers carry more direct interaction with their followers than larger influencers. ”

The trend is quietly gaining pace in the local retail scene, particularly among small retail and boutiques. Larger influencers are pricey this gives an option of approaching bloggers or influencers with just 1,000 to 10,000 followers.