Slack is working and has started exploring a number of new features such as scheduling messages, Instagram-style stories, and short video and audio messages.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said in a recent interview, “Slack has implemented APIs for scheduled sending of messages, and I think we’re going to end up putting that in the product at some point.” He also pointed some competitors that are already offering similar features, one of them being G Suite.

The communication platform is looking to add more tools to make it easier for users to “keep track of the things you want to get back to” and “easily access quick features.” Butterfield also mentioned that in future Slack could add story like feature for teams just the way it appears in Instagram. The objective is to offer a way where teams can communicate broader project updates or statuses, which cannot happen on simple test messages.

Additionally, Slack is also working on features where a group of users can easily collaborate and share content within the environment. To move ahead in a way where Slack can become a platform that manages an overwhelming amount of information that can pass through this messaging app. Additionally, the company is planning to bring in “asynchronous video or audio communications,” just like audio and video messaging features available in WhatsApp and iMessage.

There is no clear information on which of these ideas will be implemented in the future or are in active development phase. But some of them like schedules messages with APIs are already implemented into Slack.

Just like other competitors in the race, it is evident that Slack is consistently ensuring business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.