Assembled, a technology startup working towards improving  processes for customer support teams around the world has raised $3.1 million. The funding round was led by Stripe, according to a report by TechCrunch.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce or SAP can assist in managing both incoming and outgoing sales activity, however, still, most of these solutions won’t be able to  get customers feedback using the software.

Many  organizations use Google Sheets or even calendar applications as a reminder to answer customer queries, it would  also contain complicated data like what’s the peak time for  calls, and who is the best to deal with issues related to customer interaction. Assembled works to assist with specific questions related to customer interaction stats, while the company is looking to expand its question pool with its funding.

Co-founder Ryan Wang in a statement said  that the company is looking to provide logistical support to customer support. The company is looking to develop an operating system for the support team. With an initial focus on the agent’s stats, organizations will be able to learn more about the top performers of the team and how they spend their time and to empower their decision making. Wang was initially working with Stripe, the solutions provided by the Strips were developed in such a way that required to go through support tickets and tickets to find the best way to fix problems and concerns.

Bob van Winden, Stripe’s head of operations, said in a statement that Assembled offers a helpful solution to the business, and currently millions of businesses rely on  Stripe every day. To support different customers, we are looking to critically analyze over every detail of delivering fast, reliable customer service that also provides free 24×7 support over phone and chat.

Stripe has been successful in finding various supplementary businesses that share the same common interests as its own.