The first part of our blog spoke about some of the renowned brands making a beeline for email marketing tricks and tips, while here, the second part takes you through those 7 crucial emails that no email marketer should miss.

1. Welcome email

A welcome email to new subscribers and customers is a great way to begin.

Remember, you have an audience that is interested in your business offering and, at the same time, offers a good amount of space to share some more information across.

Pro tip: Before anything else, make sure to thank them for associating with your business.

2. Newsletter

Sending regular, creative, and engaging newsletters is an excellent way of keeping the audience up to date with information on the latest events, promotions, and news. It also is a great technique to get back customers on the website.

Pro tip: Here is a three-step recipe to creating intriguing newsletters

  • Create a plan
  • Make it snackable (Include bite-sized and easy to digest information)
  • Mix it up

3. New product announcement

It is a great move to retain and cross-sell to existing customers for a better ROI. And since these people are already interested in products or services offered by your business, it is wise to spread the word amongst the already existing clientele about the upcoming work.

4. Testimonial email

Testimonials are not just a compilation of good things said by customers, but this piece of content tells the story of your brand.

When testimonials are shared via emails, it works as a platform where customers can learn a great deal from others. Such emails can offer customers a variety of other information, such as innovative ways of using the product, tips for success, and more.

Pro tip: Do not miss out on customer approvals before making their quotes, feedback, and photos live.

5. Training emails

You want your customers to make the optimum use of your products and make the most of it? So, help them with emails that contain simple tips and tricks to get maximum benefits.

These emails help stay in touch with customers and also help build up the trust factor.

Pro tip: Concentrate on content and share it at regular intervals for better results.

6. Re-up email

Do not let your products or services go uninterrupted. Certain products and services need a refill, recharge, or regular maintenance. Sending out reminder emails in advance to reorder or re-subscribe improves continuity and reduces the chances of customers changing the business partner.

Pro tip: Be sure to automate this one and set an alert for follow-ups.

7. Survey email

Surveys are a great way to receive honest feedback and reviews of products and services offered by your business. This information is extremely essential to improve the product as well as customer experience.

Pro tip: Add an incentive to the survey that can motivate users to fill out the form promptly.


Statistics related to email marketing are staggering.

  • As per Statista, the number of global email users is forecasted to grow to 4.3 billion in 2023.
  • As per DMA (2019), against every dollar spent, you can expect an average return of USD 42.
  • As per the Content Marketing Institute’s research (2019), nine out of every ten marketers use email marketing for organic distribution of content.

Well, these statistics are jaw-dropping. Considered as one of the most budget-friendly and conversation-rich forms of digital marketing, emails have the persuasive power to get results.

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