The core fundamental behind every successful business is the right kind of marketing efforts. Since the world is moving ahead at a rapid speed, the only constant when it comes to business success is adapting to change and the newer marketing trends. Gone are the days when businesses relied on television and print media for promotions. Now it is the era where one single element is not sufficient to combat fierce market competition. But the fact that has conveniently made its way even in modern marketing is “Customer is King.”

A report by Forrester Consulting Study states that 80% of business decision-makers are focusing precisely on improving customer experience along with increasing customer loyalty.

Well, in this era, where customer experience makes all the difference, combining data and creativity can go a long way.

Introduction to key trends for business success

  • Data-driven creativity will play a strategic differentiator in customer experience

According to VP of marketing strategy and communications at Adobe, Stacy Martinet, data is vital in getting the customer experience (CX) right. But great CX highly depends on the perfect mix of intelligence and creativity. Futuristic companies are already in the game and are reconsidering how to integrate data and creativity.

Pro tip: It is about time that creative teams collaborate with their data/analytics counterparts as early as possible in the process.

Marketing is no more the same. Now you have big data, AI, GDPR, and agile workflows that work incessantly to offer better customer experience. So, if you have a road map ready to compete in the rapid digital world, do not miss on making your customers happy. This is why it is time to improve the business outlook by harnessing the most exciting technology trends in marketing.

  • Strategic Focus

Every organization has a goal to reach a certain height, and backing it up with strategic focus can make a positive difference.

  • Technology

Achieving agility to make a powerful impact on business transformation does not happen with one single step. It is a complete process that demands the implementation of data center modernization as its core competency. And the most important element to get this right is by having the most up-to-date IT infrastructure constructed to support the ever-changing complexity of technology.

In essence, companies must conquer this imperative by embracing software-defined data center principles, modernization, and automation of the IT management process.

3 Tech-Driven Digital Marketing Factors that Make a Difference

The legacy of marketing has evolved from offline efforts to online techniques. Driven by modern technology such as big data, agile,  AI user experience, and more, it is time marketers adapt to this change by adopting new technologies in an increasingly competitive yet connected world.

Today, where the world is overwhelmed with the proliferation of smart devices, investing in digital marketing services can reshape the success factor for your business.

Here are 3 handpicked tech-driven digital marketing factors that have the potential to redefine the success story for your business.

  1. AI for customized marketing

High quality and structured algorithms are progressively being used for predicting customer behavior, and statistics prove that this approach works more effectively compared to a statically defined analysis. AI-based tools make personalization easy. As machine learning algorithms extract information from every interaction with the customer, the system successfully delivers data on the basis of previous customer and brand engagement. When brands implement these in regular operations, personalized experiences work toward establishing goodwill, and in return, boost customer loyalty.

“According to IDC, 35% of customer-experience centric businesses will generate as much as 50% of their revenue from contextual discovery experiences by 2022. As we usher in a new decade, digital transformation will be critical to business relevance.”

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has a myriad of tools that work toward freeing marketers from repetitive tasks. But this does not end here. Today, the number of businesses implementing marketing automation is increasing at a rapid rate. This is because these digital tools support marketers to systematically plan, test, launch, and analyze campaigns with the power of automation.

Additionally, marketing automation streamlines activities and creates an easier space to manage multi-functional experiences that are based on customer preferences and behavior.

To sum up, successful marketing automation initiatives operate as an outstanding combination of cross-channel inbound and outbound campaigns.

As per a recent survey, more than 75% of CMOs implement marketing automation tools for increased ROI.

Here is a snapshot of how implementation of marketing automation can boost revenue for a business:

  • Improves customer experience
  • Streamlines manpower and boosts ROI
  • Improves results
  • Recovers lost revenue
  • Predicts customer behavior and preferences
  • Encourages strategic thinking

Now that you understand the benefits of healthy marketing automation, it is your turn to figure out the right technology to invest in. We highly recommend you a whitepaper on “Five Keys to Successful Automated Marketing” for making informed decisions.

  1. Analytics and amp; insights

AI plays a phenomenal role in terms of analytics and insights. Highly beneficial to identify new opportunities, the technology streamlines and enables businesses to use their marketing budgets intelligently.

In the area of customer analysis and insights, AI helps organizations to structure data with the need of very little human intervention and generates predictions on the basis of past patterns and real-time analysis. Additionally, AI can effectively direct resources to the right channels, whereas smart algorithms discover problem areas, emerging trends, and brand sentiments. So, basically, when problems are detected and resolved beforehand, the action is bound to enhance the customer experience.


Marketing is revolutionized, and digital marketing is speeding up. Hence, it is time to gear up and implement the right martech combination to optimize results.

To explore more, check out our latest whitepaper onMarketing Automation is More than Software,” by industry experts right here!