Hashtags, trolls, memes, likes, reviews, reels…

As the social media lingo seems to be never-ending and keeps adding a new phrase or a word every single day, I can keep going on.

I mean, I don’t remember writing “talk to you later” for ages. I am sure a lot of us sum it up by typing “ttyl,” sometimes, we even use popular social media slangs such as lol (laugh out loud), DM (direct message), TGIF (thank God it’s Friday), and many more even while we make informal conversations.

Hence proven, that the impact of social media has traveled far, making a unique and secure place in almost all our lives.

Not just individually, but the aura of social media has captured the professional and business space.

In the age of mobile device proliferation, easy access to the internet, and 5G, not having a business on social media is rare to find.

Talking exclusively about businesses, social media presence has a strong impact. It does not matter if you are a small start-up or a multi-million-dollar conglomerate; social media strategy is vital for your business.

Numbers that describe the impact of social media on the business world

  • According to a study by Ambassador, 71% of consumers with an excellent social media service experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others.
  • According to the numbers displayed by Hootsuite, about 54% of the world’s population has a social media account, which makes it 4.2 billion users across the globe.
  • 8% of social browsers used social media to research products in 2020. (Source: Hootsuite)

When it is the question about social media for business, its benefits cannot be denied. Well-curated digital marketing strategies and exclusively chalked-out social media strategies can generate leads and drive sales through the roof.

In essence, social media is the element that keeps businesses in the race, giving them the required attention, recognition, and rewards.

Social media day

Communication has been revolutionary. And since the presence of social media has helped people and businesses stay connected like never before.

However, to celebrate the promising impact of social media on the business, Mashable, on June 30, 2010, launched “World Social Media.” It is a day brought into existence to recognize the impact of social media on global communication and celebrate every aspect of it.

Social media nostalgia

Did you know?

The first-ever social media platform introduced was Sixdegrees in 1997. Founded by Andrew Weinreich, the website enabled users to list friends and family members and displayed features like profiles, school affiliations, and bulletin boards. There was a time when Sixdegrees had over a million users but was shut down in 2001.

Similarly, a few other platforms, such as Friendster (2002), Myspace, and a few others, came into existence to fade away.

On the contrary, social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are here to stay.

Why is social media day celebrated?

Observed and celebrated annually on June 30, the day is special as it has given the platform that has refined and redesigned the way people and businesses connect. With the beauty of its own, the various and glorious social media platforms are doing an incredible job in getting businesses the right kind of exposure to lead sales and expand their profit margins.

How to celebrate social media day?

One can celebrate this unique day at the click of a button. It is that easy. You just need to pick up your phone, share something worth it on your account, find a social media meetup in your area, or connect with someone you haven’t got in touch with for ages.

You can also try exploring the genre by checking out some newbie apps like,

  • Signal
  • Valence
  • Periscope


Social media has become the need of the hour. Not just to stay connected with family and friends but also to get your business in the spotlight.

So this social media day, let’s celebrate by posting an old memory.

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