Finally, the wait is over, and here goes part 2 of SMM. In part 1, we covered the SMM basics, including what is social media, social media marketing (SMM), social media strategy, and how to conduct successful social media marketing campaigns.

Now that the basics are clear, let’s go ahead and explore more about SMM…

Influencers are public figures and play an essential role in marketing the product on a social platform. For example, Supercar Blondie is a social media sensation and drives the world crazy. She is one of the top influencers of luxury automobiles. She has more than 6 million followers on Instagram.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the best influencer for your products’ marketing on social media platforms. Let’s take a glimpse of it ahead….

How can one find the right influencers?

If you want to boost your business, it is necessary to target the right influencers, which will help to publicize your business. As there are many influencers present on social media, the following are the essential pointers to  focus on:

  • It is necessary to approach influencers authentically. Before that, make sure you are on the influencer’s radar before communicating with them. This can be done by following influencers on the social platform, commenting on their posts, and getting on that individual email list.
  • Find the top influencers by viewing various blog posts; for this, you can check
  • Email is the best way to get in contact with the influencer.
  • Before approaching influencers, go through their social sites and post comments.
  • The most important thing to remember is that don’t always think having a massive number of followers means the influencer is best in the market. Get the details of influencers from the available mediators. Another thing is that an influencer with a large audience base won’t be able to focus on your approach and objective.

Advantages of social media marketing for businesses

Social media offers enormous opportunities for businesses to promote their service and products. As social media plays a vital role in individuals’ lives, it similarly plays a crucial part in enterprises to boost their productivity. Using a social media platform, marketers can create ways to expand the reach and drive demand for what they are selling. Using social media platforms, marketers can engage their audience and promote brand allegiance.

Handling a social media network is a little like running your TV network.

  • On every channel, a business can focus on producing content or a product series with new ‘weekly episodes.’
  • Syndicating content to other channels, for instance, cross-posting from Instagram to LinkedIn/Facebook is a great idea.
  • Businesses can have replays of follower picks to fill up unoccupied timeslots (#ThrowBackFriday), and business breaks for advertising your products.

The promotion you do may include news, contests and giveaways, inspiration, promotional/product posts, education, question and answer (Q and amp;A), influencer/consumer features, behind the scenes, and community events.

Example to better understand the procedure

It is necessary to have various forms of content to enhance your social media marketing mix. This is because a single proven content archetype can do wonders for increasing audiences if posted frequently.

For instance, Letterfolk’s Instagram page is the best example to understand how emerging themes can gain success in a limited period by using social media publishing in the long-run without forgoing engagement. Almost all of their posts feature a similar idea: an interior shot of their leading letter boards sporting a relevant quote. Letterfolk may gain success by using this strategy as every post supports them to accomplish many aspirations at once, namely:

  • Boost sales by boasting the product in action.
  • Generate high-level engagement with relatable quotes.
  • They are giving individuals a reason to return to their page.

Therefore, it’s better to think about developing content systems to hunt many goals with a single post.

When just starting on social media, there is a possibility that one can make the following mistakes:

  • Promoting business on various channels can make it difficult for marketers to maintain one site.
  • Thinking every channel is similar, thus not taking efforts to make the content more creative to publicize your business.

End words

SMM has a diverse and enormous audience, and it’s free and accessible. It is an excellent way to create your brand image, thus, solidifying your place in consumers’ lives. Therefore, to be successful using social media platforms, it is necessary to monitor and maintain the business carefully.

Still waiting? For what? Don’t think much and boost your business via the power of the online network called social media.

Anonymous said, “Social media can either be a swiss army knife or a rusty spoon in your marketing mix.”

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask yourself a few questions before getting on board with social media marketing:

1. Who are my target consumers, and what I know regarding their online performance?

2. What comportment am I trying to run, and to what business end?

3. Of the social networks out there, which categories contribute to the particular products and services one offers?

For more such content, download our latest white papers on social media marketing.