In the recent survey, we were able to gain insights into the impact of mobile marketing on consumer purchase choices. Almost 33 percent of the consumers said they have frequently used mobile devices to make a purchase, while almost 41 percent of the mobile devices are smartphones or tablets they would be using. This will be a trend we might be able to see in the next 24 months with demand for in-store mobility. The study also revealed that 63 percent of the consumers rely on mobile devices to compare the product prices before buying any product; they also try to look for different offers and coupons before they buying. Almost 85 percent of the consumers have purchased a certain product online rather the buying from the offline market place, 49 percent of retailers and customers are looking for in-store mobile experience. The survey results also added that 66 percent of the retailers added a mobile point of saleability for the stores and 40 percent of customers admitted the need of a store to offer a mobile POS for the better shopping experience. In-store mobile usage has increased significantly with improved connectivity and customer oriented applications that provide user-friendly access. Consumers use the devices inside the stores to improve their shopping experience. A recent study by the Salesforce suggested that 71 percent of the shoppers used their mobile devices inside the store; the percentage was even higher among the shoppers between the age group 18 to 44 years old that has almost reached 83 percent.

Mobile Pont of sale is an evolving concept as there will be a growing trend towards putting the ability of choice in the hands of the customer. The self-scanning mobile checkout apps that assist the customers to look for product varieties and pay. Around 44 percent of the customers are likely to shop on the retailer’s store if it offers self-scanning mobile apps. More and more modern retailers are shifting towards the POS-based devices inside the shopping center that can assist the customers to access through the apps. This will let the retailers equip their store associates with mobile technology over the course of the next few years. Many consumers feel that technology to a certain level is increasing brand awareness through usage. The brands usually look for retail solutions that make the consumers aware about the products or services but it doesn’t guarantee whether they would buy the product or they need to differ in buying. Chatbot as a retail and online solution for developing an improved customer experience is a great tool. 40 percent of consumers report interest in chatbot experience from the brands, including 20 percent that said they will be pleased to interact with artificial intelligence technology.  Almost 80 percent of the consumers who have interacted with some form of chatbot had a positive experience, while 14 percent said that they have a very positive experience, 16 percent said that the experience is somewhat negative and 4 percent added the interaction was very negative.

Though chatbots are relatively old technology but bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can interact with thousands of the customer on any device will assist in customer experience. Close to 36 percent of the customers agreed that AI-based chatbots need to improve in understanding the questions and requests. If you are a mobile marketer the above data will assist you to analyze the data-driven model for marketing. If you have not been analyzing the data to drive your mobile marketing campaigns then the challenge will be with getting better results rather than just results. For most of the marketers, modern marketing techniques can only be relevant when they want to deal with large volumes of data. According to the new figures by the YouAppi, almost all the mobile marketers have increased their focus and investment towards the data. The majority of the marketers have even observed improved results by offering the customers with personalized solutions. The study was conducted for more than 500 global in-house and agency marketer 97 percent observed improvement in marketing with data investment. For the majority of them, an improved reporting and the dashboard technology is giving better access to the required insights, alongside we also observed that 64 percent of the analytics team are in-house to improve the data usage. The third-party data investment has also seen a significant increase with 47 percent of the enterprises investing in the technology, only 24 percent added that they have invested in the outside agency for the data analysis.

The mobile marketer’s job description has altered considerably over the last decade from SMS based marketing to application based marketing it has been the transformation of technology. Almost 57 percent of the marketers have agreed that their job role has gone through significant changes over the last two years and 62 percent of them agreed that the change has been shifting the focus towards the data and metrics.  The major difference has been the role of mobile marketer whether brand marketer or performance; ultimately every marketer will require the same skill level. The survey also gave us an insight towards the usage of data, almost 96 percent have argued that they need data savviness for performance marketing and 91 percent said that brand marketers need creative expertise from their brand colleagues. Data-driven models and mobile marketing will assist the organization to implement a various marketing strategy that will actually perform. As the marketers consider investing in the more sophisticated data analytics and finding creative ways to make the data actionable to improve the customer experience and also provide measurable results that will connect them in powerful ways.


Marketing technology is one of the ardent forms of technology, it will directly affect the results of the marketing campaign, improving the ability to track and digest data from all the marketing sources. Each channel of marketing add varied and closed value in the campaigns and using the data to target customers with personalized message is one way paid marketing is gaining insights.

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