Marketing departments are often understaffed and overworked. There are ample things to manage everyday, such as moving data, doing valuable daily research, deploying updated content, running a campaign to increase awareness, and retention. Furthermore, there are companies that are still struggling to increase their effectiveness despite the real solutions available constantly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that is already playing a major role in the MarTech industry by providing immense value to marketers. The Salesforce AI platform is one of the noticeable platforms that every marketer should leverage in the organizational environment. While various other AI platforms require a lot of development, the Einstein Salesforce AI platform can be deployed with minimal programming throughout the sales and marketing stack.

But, why is AI becoming so prominent in sales and marketing?

The reason is, if deployed correctly, it is able to remove the internal bias of the marketing teams. In most cases, marketers tend to move in the direction they feel most comfortable when it comes to branding, communication, and execution strategies. However, AI (Artificial Intelligence) promises to offer an unbiased opinion. It only improves over time as the new data is introduced. Well, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is considered to be quite effective in the world of multi-tasking, and Salesforce Einstein is one amongst them.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, Salesforce Einstein, can make faster decisions, generate more productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Einstein, as a platform, is so efficient that it requires minimal programming and makes uses of machine learning to optimize marketing and sales activities.

Now, how does it work?

There are ways AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be deployed, exploiting the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, Salesforce Einstein can become a smart CRM (customer relationship management) assistant for everyone including your employees and customers.

Features of Salesforce Einstein (Machine Learning)

The tool says, why leave things unpredictable and unknown for your own venture. The ML and AI platforms can do a lot of analysis, which was difficult otherwise.

Einstein Findings

It is easy to boost productivity and get solutions through all your data, whether it lives in Salesforce or outside. You will frequently find AI insights and recommendations to even the toughest problems. Therefore, it allows you to take action on the insights.

Einstein Prediction Builder

With the tool, it is possible to predict business outcomes or values from a particular activity. No coding is needed; you can create AI models on the field of Salesforce with a few clicks.

Einstein Best Line of Action

It delivers proven recommendations to customers and employees, straight in the applications where they work. Salesforce functions in a way to define recommendations, create action strategies, build predictive models, and activate automation.

Features of Salesforce Einstein (Natural Language Processing)

The use of natural language processing opens up a way to a lot of things—it becomes possible to answer questions, respond to requests, and identify conversations that involve your brand.

Einstein Language Decoding

Through Salesforce Natural Language Processing (NLP) model, it is possible to classify the intent of text or classify the text as negative, positive, and neutral. The identification of a prospect’s or customer’s sentiment through an email, social media response, or text from chat can suggest a further line of action. It can help in measuring the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of users with the product or service.

Einstein Bots

A bot is a computer program that conducts a conversation via textual messages. It manages and eases the load that comes on the service agents. By handling the routine request of prospects, it frees-up individuals to handle more complex tasks while keeping the customers happy.

Features of Salesforce Einstein (Computer Vision)

Developers can bring in the power of image recognition to customer relationship management (CRM) and third-party applications. It will ultimately help the brands to recognize new insights about their customers and predict things leading to smarter decisions.

Einstein Vision

This feature is able to perform a lot as it can see the entire conversation about the brand across the Internet. If your brand has an app, it is making use of the intelligent image recognition in your applications. The deep learning model will be trained to recognize the products, brands, and more.

Features of Salesforce Einstein (Automated Speech Recognition)

Well, recognizing the speech by translating spoken language into text is ok. Einstein, going one step ahead, understands the speech, and converts it into the context of business.

Einstein Voice

This feature enables getting daily briefing wherein you can highlight the actions that matter the most. Simply by talking conversationally to the mobile device, you can capture notes in the Salesforce app. The note will automatically get reflected with records such as contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Furthermore, it is easy to open and share the information with meeting participants anytime.


Well, this is all regarding the main features of Salesforce’s Einstein.

And, now that you’ve learned about the features of Einstein, it can help you understand your data to improve your campaign performance. Eliminating the requirement of code, the solution is helping a number of marketers in optimizing, leveraging, and generating outcomes from a strategy.