Marketing has evolved to become a much more complex theory that needs to be implemented and performed. Modern-day Marketing is considered as a combination of strategy and technology. Marketing as a solution gained pace with industrial revolution when the goods produced were in much larger quantity and better quality than the hand-made products, so in order for the products to reach the audience, marketing was used. Printed media is the oldest form of advertising used for marketing, later we saw radio and then motion pictures to be used as a marketing channel. It was an attempt to capture the audience attention through the best copy or using the most scenic beauty. A persuasive communication for selling certain goods and services was the first stop when we saw that advertising could be a full-time profession. Many people initially didn’t recognize that advertising was a part of marketing but the use of the basic principle of marketing was made in advertising. The idea of marketing has evolved through the modern era and it advances with the modern era of industrial revolution. The concept revolutionized through the 18th century and almost lasted through the 19th century if advertising hadn’t destroyed the fun. Mass media and various communication channels required different marketing strategy to deal with change in market and advertising is a nonpersonal messaging form that would entice the user towards the product. When we have many producers in the market it becomes difficult for the consumers to identify between the products, so advertising is a more sophisticated approach that can be used to appeal.

The evolution of technology brought more consumer-oriented technology that can be used to improve the product buying process. However, it also means that the advertisers now had to turn towards a marketing firm. The change of advertising agency to marketing firm was the first step that saw the evolution of conversation between enterprises and consumers. Public Relation, print media advertising, and online marketing were three different parts of the marketing scenario. Though when you see the marketing as a development of theory it’s much broader to cover in a single blog, so we will focus toward the marketing operations. The marketing technology landscape has exploded over the course of the last decade due to the use of cloud technology, big data, and analytics that can be combined with the marketing operations. The operational tools have become the backbone that can make the organizations achieve their marketing goals with planning and processes to reach technology and resource allocation. Marketing operations have been linked traditionally with IT-centric role with the only a couple of tech-focused people in the marketing that can combine the data usage and work towards the marketing goal. However, marketing- technology combine to form a special focused operational demand for the enterprises.  Processing the data to provide effective campaigns can broadly create major differences between the quality of leads and revenue generation. Data has become a centric part of any marketing campaign and to promote the operational capabilities, analyzing the vast number of tools and analytics can be overwhelming for the enterprises. The focus should be towards the value-added solutions that will provide tangible results that offer flexibility to progress the marketing efforts over time.

Why Marketing Operational is a Need?

Randy Wootton, CEO of enterprise content marketing said in statements that over time the marketing operation evolves the new set of skills will also become an imperative solution that can lead to better decision making. Some of the most successful marketing operations professionals are the part of the business architecture; they develop and evolve their underlying understanding of the marketing landscape bringing the deep technology expertise towards the procurement and implantation process. For a successful marketing operation, professionals require three main skills that can be used the first being the ability to understand the critical data, the marketing operation team need to experimental and test drive when they approach the problem and last begin the need to utilize the operation and marketing as complete scenarios in marketing operation. Marketing operations are the much-needed capacity of an organization that can be utilized to improve the data understanding with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The data processing will be the intellectual part that needs to solve the puzzle of insights.

Opportunity in Future of Marketing

Enterprises today have no opportunity to survive through the competition and constant demand; they need to evolve through the required marketing operations. The increased consumer expectations and the demand for a cultural shift, the fundamental of marketing that needs to be different what we had earlier planned. The big change is the performance was driven and the data based culture that uses technology to remain competitive. Making the marketing operation more relevant to deal with the required scenarios of demand for the solution. Marketing operation will soon become an imperative part of the enterprise planning to increase the demand, driving the future for marketing. The enterprises that fail to evolve the marketing operations will not be able to use the technological development and provide personalized marketing solutions – delivering the right message to the right person at right time. They have to deal with a higher number of brands mix-up that will be the result of marketing from all different channels. Defining a personalized brand and increasing engagement will all be just when your marketing combines with operations to provide solutions of need rather than demand.


Marketing operations will take you away from the campaign oriented processes that have been designed years ago; changing according to the demands of the consumer through real-time engagement strategy will be defined by the consumer goals.  Marketing operations will be using the advanced analytics techniques that can define the right content, offer and even provide a custom path for the purchase as part of the customer engagement strategy.  Marketing operations will be existential of modern technology that will provide the required creative solutions to define the path to purchase to improve the engagement strategy. Technology will not just for the technological change but it will move towards the change at the right time.

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