FreeAgent CRM a pioneer in developing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions for the Small enterprises to fulfill their requirements, recently announced the release of Aspen. Smaller enterprises that rely on CRM to fit in different sales cycle now can differ and induct the customer relationship management that can be customized according to their requirements.

Dave Stephens, CEO, and Co-founder of FreeAgent CRM said that in the statement that “There are currently hundreds of CRM solutions that are hardcoded to follow certain functions. For small businesses, it’s difficult for them to use such software as their business requires a certain amount of flexibility. The demand for something more is what makes small enterprises big.”

The Aspen CRM software can be used by small business owners around the world to define the information flow. Using the CRM the enterprises can develop accounts, leads, projects, and different invoices. The Aspen CRM provides a web app that supports different mobile platforms- Android, and iOS along with Desktop App.

The CRM offers a broad view of the customer relationship that can be used to create a defined set of goals.  The Aspen provides an advanced cloud operation combined with AWS data centers that can auto-scale as the requirements of the enterprises change.