Gorgias, a startup offering AI tools for better customer services and support, raised close to $14 million in Series A funding. The brands are currently shifting from selling (e-commerce) on platforms to directly providing a shopping experience to all the users. Recently Nike decided to pull out its products from the e-commerce website Amazon. Gorgias Co-founder and CEO Romain Lapeyre said in a statement that the startup is trying to take advantage of the broader shift, wherein they directly sell to customers, building brand awareness, rather than going through third-party applications.  

As the brands are making this shift to a customer-centric model of business, wherein they are selling their products, they would need intelligent tools to build their online business. If a business decides to use Shopify using AI and customer data to automate responses to basic questions like “What’s my tracking number?”, it will assist the customer service representatives shifting from spending most of their time responding to many of the routine requests, and customers would be getting faster answers.

Lapeyre said that automation should be a very basic question, but when it comes to complex queries, Gorgias adds tools that assist the customer service to reason quickly and to upsell customers with other additional products and services. It offers businesses a tool, that is, sales associates rather than customer service agents.

For many of the businesses, Gorgias is building a complete platform to reduce the errors. The Groovelife’s, one of Gorgia’s clients, customer service team gets paid a commission on upselling. Currently, almost 20% of the tickets for the customer service team are solved using automation. Gorgias previously raised close to $3.5 million in seed funding, while the current round of $14 million is led by Flex Capital, with participation from SaaStr, Alven, Amplify Partners, Eric Yuan, and CRV. Gorgias will be using the money to build on its products with added features to attract more customers.