An Amdocs company named OpenMarket has launched a new type of mobile engagement platform designed to help businesses communicate with employees and customers more effectively and efficiently. While recuperating from the COVID-19 lockdown, millions of organizations will be on the verge of reestablishing themselves through the newly designed cloud-based platform. While users try to tackle the damage created by the pandemic, mobile messaging will be an even more critical and trustworthy medium of communication.

indigo, created by OpenMarket, is built based on the information collected from trillions of messages delivered by OpenMarket for 20 years. It helps the non-technical people with little or no expertise in mobile messaging to develop best-in-class, automated, and optimized campaigns across Short Message Service (SMS), Rich Communication Services (RCS), and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

The innovative new app includes optimized campaigns (created by industry experts), built-in best-practice analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced spam and smishing filtering, and direct access to a massive multi-channel communications network. The app is also capable of helping brands to understand more precisely the customer behavior and campaign performance by enabling data visualizations, real-time querying, and in-depth reports. Thus, it helps brands in transforming the customer experience by delivering empathetic messages to their customers over the globe.

“For too long businesses have been held back by the complexity of the mobile ecosystem,” said Jonathan Morgan, CEO, OpenMarket. “According to our Empathy in the Age of AI research, which surveyed more than 4,000 consumers and 600 customer-focused leaders, an overwhelming majority of CX leaders are calling for communication platforms that are easy to use, easy to integrate and provide customer insights to improve their CX journeys. indigo has been designed specifically to address these needs. With the launch of indigo, we are taking huge strides in our journey to remove friction and create flow for our customers and our customers’ customers,” he added.

Another feature that indigo will offer is enabling brands to send messages that will not display phone numbers, but the company’s name and logo.

indigo uses an existing SMS and instantly updates it to a brand message if a capable system is identified. Branded Messaging offers consumers more exceptional service and peace of mind that the message they have received is genuine. This gives businesses a good chance for brand awareness, improved customer interaction, higher sales, and better customer understanding.

“Communicating with your customers and employees has always been important, but getting that communication right, is now critical,” Morgan continued. “As the world emerges from the pandemic, the spotlight is on businesses to keep their customers and employees informed as things change and progress. With indigo, every business, small or large, will now have access to best-in-class tools to effortlessly improve their CX. indigo has been specifically built with business operations in mind so that anyone within an organization can easily create automated mobile messaging campaigns that effectively engage customers in a way that best suits them.”

When companies continue to reengage, and customers readjust to the ‘new normal,’ marketers can make use of the opportunity that OpenMarket provides to interact actively with their audiences. The current pandemic-uncertainty that societies face need not to be felt in their experiences with brands. For businesses that require secure and efficient modes of communication in an uncertain environment, indigo by OpenMarket has delivered decades of expertise in mobile communications that blends timely and reliable distribution with successful brand interaction.