To provide sales organizations with personalized training to improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth, MindTickle, a leader in the sales readiness technology, has collaborated with Sandler Training, the largest sales, management, and leadership training organization.

Sandler Training material for sales and sales managers can now be customized to further improve their expertise and preparation through a data-driven approach leading to faster time for productivity and increased quota attainment.

“The combination of Sandler Training and MindTickle empowers professionals to change behaviors, develop new attitudes and improve techniques,” said David Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler Training. “This is proving to be especially important as today’s sales landscape is going through significant short-term and long changes due to the current socio-economic crisis. Partnering with the leader in sales readiness and enablement to deliver our content and methodology was an easy choice. MindTickle’s ability to deliver personalized and data-driven training and skills development is extremely important as sales organizations are adapting to changing market conditions, but need to meet sales goals.”

To this, Christina Ortega, Sales and Technical Enablement Leader, added, “The partnership between MindTickle and Sandler is ideal because Sandler provides the methodology, and MindTickle provides the accessibility and feedback loop needed.  Sandler can inject forward-thinking sales training into MindTickle, and MindTickle will provide Sandler better flexibility in delivery. This is exactly what I wanted!”

After thorough research, the Sales Management Association concluded that B2B sales organizations “delivering training continuously enjoy substantially higher rates of improvement in salesforce effectiveness, improving 22% more than other firms.”

Companies are looking forward to improvising their sales effectiveness to maximize revenue and drive brand value. They are also focusing on providing best-in-class content, methodologies, and expertise to the sales team. Access to content or annual training does not, however, suffice to ensure success. To promote best practices and motivate salespeople, sales organizations need to endorse ongoing learning, skill development, and coaching.

With this collaboration, companies will utilize the outstanding sales training content from Sandler inside MindTickle’s sales supporting and sales preparation platform, delivering extensive sales training to sales organizations.

“With companies worldwide requiring employees to work from home, but also stay engaged and effective, the need for systematic alignment of methodology including manager observation and intervention as well as disciplined seller execution has never been more important.  MindTickle and Sandler can support these sales teams with a proven standard and a playbook of best practices, content, and training that is accessible anytime and anywhere, in the context of buyer interaction,” said Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at MindTickle. “Our partnership with Sandler Training gives organizations access to top-notch expertise, training, and methodology as part of a holistic approach to sales-readiness that enables companies to meet current or adjusted revenue targets,” he added.