At a recently held Unleash Virtual Summit 2020 event, a sales engagement platform named Outreach introduced a new Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) along with its platform capabilities.

Sketched in such a manner that Kaia focuses on critical action items for sales reps to complete, bookmark important information, and ensures the privacy of its users by storing all data and recordings in Outreach’s servers.

Outreach Kaia is devised to implement secure sales enablement intelligence, advanced task automation, and organization and management capabilities. Another aspect of designing Kaia is for web conference integration that enables users to conduct meetings and track important data from sales conversations to cater to the right follow-up.

Outreach Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) features:

  • Call-recording and speech-to-text transcription capabilities
  • Content cards that provide information on a requested topic
  • People cards that summarize known information on clients
  • Meeting summaries

“I’ve been waiting five years for Outreach Kaia and we are very excited to be bringing the next generation of sales technology to life,” said Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach, in a statement. “Now, more than ever, sales teams need Outreach Kaia — especially when so many of them are working remotely. Outreach Kaia’s ability to surface real-time information exactly when a sales rep needs it during a live conversation is powerful.”

Following are some of the advanced features introduced by Outreach to the platform:

  • Sequence intent reporting, designed to classify the intent of a prospect based on their responses into categories, identifying which accounts are the most positive and likely to engage,
  • Voice connectors that aim to allow users to launch outbound and take inbound calls directly within the Outreach platform, and
  • Buyer intent scores from Bombora, designed to gauge which accounts are likely to buy based on a scoring of intent data.