On January 5, 2021, Seva, the robust enterprise search platform, announced the release of Content Attribution, a new feature added to its knowledge management and enterprise search platform merged with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

With the release, the leading cross-cloud enterprise knowledge search platform now enables B2B sales and marketing teams to track the use and efficacy of marketing materials in sales motions.

With more than 50% of B2B marketing content going uncultivated by sales stakeholders, content creators and marketers are often frustrated by heavy investment in time and resources to build impactful tools that easily get lost into a black box.

And without a clear idea of the effect of these investments on the company’s sales activities, it is difficult for them to consistently make sure that the B2B sales teams supported by them are equipped with the content they need.

Contribution of content attribution to sales

The Content Attribution feature enables sales teams to get instant access to marketing materials and provides data-driven insights to B2B marketers to quantify their content assets’ effectiveness on the organization’s sales efforts. The result builds a platform for continuous revenue enablement with measurable content investment ROI.

Sanjay Jain, CEO of Seva, said, “We learned early on that content discoverability was only the beginning of the B2B marketer’s operational concerns.  Ultimately, it boiled down to the deep desire to ensure that their investments in content were making the intended impact on the company’s bottom line.”

On the USP front, Seva’s integration with Salesforce facilitates marketers to accurately measure how content is being deployed and its influence on opportunities in the company’s pipeline.

Launched in early January, Seva is now working toward making this feature available as part of an early adopter program or its knowledge management platform.

About Seva

Seva is a robust enterprise search platform focusing on making knowledge instantly available to teams by combining information in Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, and Slack, eradicating “bad search” and gaining momentum to work together.

Seva search runs in Google Chrome and is available for API integration within third-party apps. Secure in nature, the Seva platform enables content management and search collaboration. It also provides search analytics on content access and unsatisfied searches.