An Introduction to Conversational Lead Nurturing

An Introduction to Conversational Lead Nurturing

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 01, 2020

Traditional lead nurturing involves sending relevant content to your leads at specified intervals. You track click-throughs, time on page, and downloads of gated content to try and move your leads forward in his or her purchasing journey.

It has its benefits and it has worked reasonably well for a long while, but it also has serious drawbacks. Although every marketer understands the importance of lead nurturing, statistics reveal that many are struggling to meet their goals.

  • 59% of marketers say that their lead nurturing programs are failing
  • 63% struggle to know their leads’ goals at each stage in their journey
  • 66% of marketers find it challenging to know what is most important to target customers
  • Only 37% of marketers succeed in using intent data to drive nurturing campaigns

In the following eBook, we will explore conversational marketing and learn how to optimize and stop your leaky funnel using conversational lead nurturing.