Europe Ecommerce Region Report 2022

Europe Ecommerce Region Report 2022

Published by: Research Desk Released: Aug 29, 2022

Internet Retailing and Conjura have surveyed 34 European countries to bring US eCommerce businesses a comprehensive overview of major trends in European eCommerce, updated industry benchmarks and precious clues of where the retail sector may be headed.

What you’ll discover in this report:

Market Overview

Understand total eCommerce spending, percentage of internet users that shop online, logistics performance index etc for each of Europe’s eCommerce countries.

The case for optimising data-driven marketing and operational analysis in your eCommerce business
Conjura’s CEO, Fran Quity, highlights the 3 biggest issues facing eCommerce businesses and explains how a data analytics solution can provide a competitive advantage.

Sustainability: Is 2022 is the year when action on climate issues needs to happen?

Ambitious targets, collaboration and pressure points between governments, businesses and consumers are making a noticeable change in eCommerce.
Is the metaverse more than just hype?

What it is and the compelling evidence that the fundamentals of the metaverse might deliver are indeed the next evolution of eCommerce.