So how can marketers stay competitive in data-driven work with their outdated technology?

Simple, they CAN’T!

What is the Value of Top-Notch CX?

It is no secret that the most relevant and favorite customers are the ones who always engage with the brand across multiple channels. As consumers are now in control, consistency, value, and personalization are vital. Also, being the fast-paced digital world that we belong to, customers won’t stick on with slow downloads and mixed messaging. So, you as a service/product provider have to buckle up.

So what do you attribute to a connected customer journey:

  • Revenue growth
  • Boosted customer recommendations
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer churn rates
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • More customer engagement

The hero in this entire customer experience is DATA INTEGRATION, as it can help your customer service team gain a 360-degree insight into your customer mindset.

Hyper-relevant messaging

Enterprises are well aware of the SMS blast marketing tactic. Thankfully, those days are going to be past tense, making way for a more effective and engaging way to get your message across successfully. That is, sending hyper-relevant messaging techniques to a more targeted audience pool. Other hyper-relevant messaging techniques can be delivered via:

  • Individual personalized website
  • Addressable advertising
  • Changing ads or offers on the basis of purchase behavior
  • Suppressed online advertising via purchased data
  • Changing channels based on customer preference

Customer loyalty

Winning over the customer is easy; the most difficult part is keeping them when there are so many other brands in the market vying for their wallet as well as their loyalty. When you know your customers inside out, you can smell their every step, much like stalking. You know what they will buy next, where they will go next, and when they are likely to buy next. This insight will help you personalize your offerings to what your customer wants by ensuring that they will make a purchase.

However, this alone is not enough. Another great tactic to retain your customers from 100 glaring eyes is to build a valuable relationship with them and let them know how much you care for them.

Offer remote support

It is precisely how it sounds—using technology remotely to connect to the end-user(s) device to communicate with them remotely. Offer an immediate quick fix, or the installation of new software at a lower cost, than sending out support. This will hopefully give your customers a better experience too.


Automation is an effective way to improve information gathering, solutions delivery, and other troubleshooting. Automation ensures consistency and removes all the unnecessary steps that are involved. It is an ideal scenario to train your support agents to troubleshoot and handle issues so that your customers can experience the same consistent experience no matter what.

Garnering a partnering relationship

Consumers are no longer powerless, waiting for companies to tell them what they want, and then wait for it to be delivered. These days consumers want more; they want to be collaborative partners with the businesses they frequent. Consumers also take an extra step and share personal information. They believe it will be appropriately used with etiquette as a part of the deal, as most of them believe that businesses gain more insights from shared data. But they want their personal information to be kept secret and secure.

Knowledge management 

Effective knowledge-management will support not only the customer-facing knowledge base but also other staff. Unfortunately, the struggle to source the right information when needed can be a real productivity killer wherever you work. Do not limit knowledge management to documentation and knowledge related articles, as sometimes the best knowledge management knows whom to speak with and how to contact them.


The word itself is on the face of it! It is all about making work fun, especially on service desks. If you drive the right employee behavior and improve team performance, then their foresight will be fixed on how to make your customers happier.

Customer experience requires patience, perseverance, and intensive research with highly integrated data. With a lot of organizations developing a focused customer platform, you cannot afford to wait longer before you jump into the data integration bandwagon. Create a noticeable shift and take the disruptive and competitive challenges head-on.

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