Streamlining the Customer Experience

Streamlining the Customer Experience

Published by: Research Desk Released: Nov 22, 2019

Enhance your Customer Experience Delivery Let’s just get to the core of the issue: The customer experience (CX) is broken. Legacy technology is way behind and it creates a distorted view of the customer. Though it provides behavioral, demographic, and preference data, most martech doesn’t link important data silos together to deliver the bold multichannel experience always-on customers want.

How can marketers stay competitive in a data-driven world with outdated technology behind their decision-making? Simple. They can’t.

In order to course correct the customer experience, marketers need:

  • The ability to build a holistic customer view that incorporates preferences, behaviors, and personalization across multiple devices and channels
  • A way to manage B2B and B2C CX at every touchpoint