• Copper’s brand-new acquisition enables the sales, marketing, and customer service workforce to add value to most critical business relationships.

Copper, the frontrunner CRM platform for relationship-based business growth, revealed news about its most recent purchase, as the company formally acquired Sherlock, an engagement analytics platform.

Sherlock provides and encapsulates information related to prospects’ and customers’ intent, product usage, and engagement with opt-in from prospects. This helps professionals with a clear idea about what their targets are doing throughout a buyer-led customer journey in a manner that fuels action for sales, customer success, and account management.

Dennis Fois, CEO, Copper, commented on the acquisition, explaining how the company plans to integrate Sherlock into the Copper platform to support its aim of delivering a CRM that people actually use to develop their most valuable business relationships.

He further mentions how it is imperative to have the right information at one’s fingertips to deploy and act when the buyers and customers are ready to connect in the current landscape. He adds that with Sherlock, they are ready to help all customers identify the optimal moment to convert opportunities into sales, make relationships stronger, and drive lasting revenue.

Fois continues: “CRMs are meant to build relationships, but over the past few years, they have done everything but that. Marketing and sales professionals don’t like using them – or they simply don’t use them at all. And some of the processes they enable, like broad-based cold emails, risk worsening relationships or turning off customers entirely. Businesses want their CRM to be a system of meaningful action, not a system of record.”

Derek Skaletsky, Founder of Sherlock, said, “Buyers are more empowered than ever before to do their own research and make decisions on their own timeline.” He adds, “In contrast, sellers often rely on guesswork to build these relationships, instead of data to help understand the buyer’s needs and timeline. The intent signals and engagement scoring we are bringing to Copper will take the guesswork out of the equation and allow companies to become part of their buyers’ journeys, rather than forcing an out-of-touch seller’s journey upon the masses.”