Datacom, an ICT services company, is supporting TSB bank to deliver an agile technique to manage its customers better with the help of Microsoft Dynamics rollout.

The rollout features, as a part of TSB’s cloud-first IT strategy, the new customer management platform, mainly hinging on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics.

Hamish Archer, General Manager, Technology, TSB, commented on this development, “Our people used to use a TSB custom application which provides information on customers and their interactions with TSB. However, there was no systemized workflow and business rules in this application.”

As the bank wanted a modern platform to facilitate a leaner arrangement while making the most of third-party capabilities vendors, Datacom supported TSB to expand its customer management services and processes on the Dynamics CRM platform.

The bank shared information about the same in its annual report released earlier this year. TSB also stated in its report that Dynamics 365 was implemented to enhance its customer service management.

Here is a glimpse of what the company talked about in its annual report:

“People’s lives are being transformed by technology on a daily basis—this is changing the way we do business at TSB and changing the way our customers want to work with us.”

“In order to take on this challenge, TSB has partnered with Microsoft to transform the technology platforms that support our staff and our customers. 

Over the last year, TSB has introduced Microsoft Office 365 to boost employee productivity and collaboration, and Microsoft Dynamics has been got on board to focus on better customer service management.”

Other technologies implemented by the bank:

In July, it was reported that TSB implemented Temenos Infinity along with API-based connectivity for workflow integration with TSB’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

In April 2018, the bank introduced Dynamics in its Customer Engagement Center to deal with email inquiries.  Post the pilot, TSB chose to work with Microsoft and Datacom to build a 2–4-year roadmap for Dynamics at TSB.