Every enterprise wants to increase its sales volume but it depends on the current customer relations and approach to acquiring new customers. Sales have been around for 150 years since the industrial revolution took place but the customer-sales relations have remained the same. Technology has brought a new innovation that has changed and will change the customer-sales relation, CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the solution that has brought the two teams of an enterprise together- sales and marketing.  With one tap solutions for all communication goals and sales structure CRM is what changed the sales. But for many CRM is still just a tool to keep a tap on the lead generation and end results of each customer. A CRM is more than viewing tool and here are few points that can help you to understand that.

CRM an analytical tool

The customer is more than just a persona that you have created on paper. Each customer has different requirements and communication methods. A CRM can help you analyze the customer behavior predict the best time of day to communicate with the customer, analytical solutions can also help the marketers to derive the end results of different marketing campaigns.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is one area where many of the enterprises can improve by introducing the CRM tool that gives step-by-step communication platform. Taking the customer from awareness to consideration and then towards conversion depending on the buying cycle of your services or product. But lead nurturing will help you to tap into leads regularly even when they get stuck at a certain stage.

New Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning though they won’t directly help you to convert the leads but definitely help to make the lead-conversion process defined. AI will help you to identify the probability of conversion for each lead, making the conversion process more defined.

CRM will be the innovation that should be adopted by the enterprises, not just for sales or marketing but to improve the overall business experience for individuals.