• On November 3, 2020, Bigtincan Holdings nailed a million-dollar contract with John Hancock Financial, a financial services company based out of the US
  • The duration of the contract is three years and is created to support John Hancock’s sales team to cater to clients who are well versed with the financial world
  • Bigtincan Holdings, known for sales enablement software designs solutions, to streamline the sales process and add to staff productivity
  • Bigtincan expressed how the John Hancock deal synchronizes with its strategy of partnering with business customers
  • Bigtincan on the share market traded just under 5% green on November 3, 2020, worth USD 1.13
  • On the financial front, Bigtincan Holdings recorded cash receipts worth USD 4.5 million and USD 63 million in cash and equivalents at the ending of the third quarter (July– September)

Bigtincan Holdings (BTH) has signed a million-dollar deal with John Hancock Financial, a financial services company based out of Boston, US, on November 3, 2020.

According to the terms, the duration of the contract will last for 36 months and is created for Bigtincan’s financial services cloud product. According to Bigtincan, its product will support the John Hancock sales teams to handle customers that are highly educated and well versed with the financial world, specifically the ones being driven by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Known as the leader in sales enablement software, Bigtincan’s products are engineered to simplify an enterprise’s sales process by automating sales enablement to add to the productivity quotient of the sales team.

As per the software company, sales representatives normally spend just about 37% of their time to actually sell just because of being caught in a bunch of manual tasks they need to perform. Additionally, Bigtincan also said that most training is wiped off from the mind within a month and 65% of sales representatives say they are unable to find content to share with prospects.

In essence, the contract with John Hancock will support the financial services giant to reach more customers by deploying Bigtincan’s tech.

The  John Hancock Financial services portfolio includes life insurance, financial advice, retirement plans, investing services, and more. The company offers its services in both the B2C and B2B spectrum.

Furthermore, Bigtincan expressed that the contract orchestrates with its strategy of partnering with customers to meet their requirements for a platform that can deliver content, add-ons, and other features.

The company believes that this strategy makes its platform exclusive for crucial vertical markets.

BTH shares in the stock market are trading at 4.63% higher (on November 3, 2020) at USD 1.13. The company has a USD 427.85 million market cap.