• The all-new AI-powered email functionality by ClearSlide optimizes send time for increased open rates and further strengthens ClearSlide’s email management.

The ClearSlide unified sales enablement platform is upgraded with an improved email functionality that simplifies outreach and helps connect with prospects and customers.

ClearSlide, a SaaS-based sales engagement platform, offers sellers tools necessary to maximize productivity and understand buyer interaction with an aim to nurture relationships and fast-track deals.

Sergey Medved, Senior Director of Product, ClearSlide, says, “Grabbing the attention of prospects while maintaining engagement with your customers can be a major challenge for sellers. Crafting emails with relevant content is time-consuming. Information from standard email services provides little clarity into buyer intent. And emails can too easily get trapped in filters or buried in an inbox.” He adds, “ClearSlide makes sending high-quality emails seamless while improving the chances that vital communications will land with your audience. Combining the power of email with deep analytics, ClearSlide empowers sales and marketing teams to make informed decisions and move deals along.”

Exploring the brand’s new capabilities

New Best Time feature

The brand-new Best Time feature adds power to ClearSlide’s outstanding AI-driven email tools.

The feature can be used to send emails at an ideal time for every contact. The time fundamental is defined based on the recipient’s past interactions with emails sent via the ClearSlide platform. The chances of increasing the click-to-open rate of these emails are enhanced by having emails sent at a time when the recipient is most likely to access the inbox. Mass mailer communications are customized to be sent out to receipts considering every individual’s best time in the 24-hour window.

Decoding ClearSlide’s additional email capabilities

ClearSlide’s Spam Checker leverages the power of AI to help emails reach in inboxes. It also makes it possible to get an instant spam score on content before hitting the send button. The platform helps maintain the delivery reputation and offers a list of invalid and bounced emails.

ClearSlide enables the quick location of most suitable and approved content and email templates to deliver maximum impact on buyers. Scheduling emails to be sent out later help maintain engagement with all customers while you focus on making the most of the immediate opportunities.

Hours of manual data entries are saved as the ClearSlide automatically saves email logs back to the CRM.

Instant notifications on open and click keep users informed and enables them to respond to prospects with their best foot forward.

Slide by slide engagement metrics of the shared content gives sellers a clear idea about when and how recipients are expected to interact with emails.

ClearSlide offers users a robust functionality straight from the inbox. With this, users get the freedom to look for approved email templates and content, track email, and link engagement activity. Users have the flexibility to schedule and start ClearSlide meetings from Gmail or Outlook.

What’s more?

ClearSlide is designed to integrate with popular business apps such as Salesforce, Box, Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, Google, Gong.io, ExecVision, Chorus, and Microsoft Dynamics.

About ClearSlide

ClearSlide is a sales enablement platform that offers system engagement to make every customer interaction meaningful and successful. ClearSlide strives to deliver an insightful open sales enablement platform that blends well with content, communication, and actionable insights for improved results. With a clientele of leading names such as Starwood Hotels and amp; Resorts,  GoDaddy, Yelp, and more, ClearSlide offers sales teams with solutions that garner outstanding customer experiences and make every interaction count.

Driven with advanced technology such as AI, ClearSlide offers seamless options to several aspects that help connect and engage with customers.