• Knog, the Melbourne-based design company, focuses on strengthening Pricing Policy.

Knog, the design company involved in creating innovative products that inspire people to explore and make the most of the outdoors, broke the news of joining hands with PriceSpider, a US-based retail analytics player. The partnership with PriceSpider is focused on supporting business growth. Additionally, Knog plans to deploy PriceSpider’s minimum advertised price policy (MAP), Prowl, which delivers the closest real-time analytics into pricing discrepancies and unauthorized sellers across online channels.

Colin Brown, Knog’s International Accounts Manager, mentioned, “In re-evaluating our investment in the US market, supporting independent bicycle retailers will be our top priority moving forward.” He added, “Working with PriceSpider will allow us to support these retailers while providing a simple solution to selling our products.”

Based out of California, PriceSpider operates with more than 1,700 brands across the globe. A few names on the list include some of the world’s topmost consumer brands. PriceSpider, along with the MAP technology, offers brands with sales enablement technology that provides a clear picture of how and where their products are sold with real-time data and holistic insights to enable brands to sell more online.

Bringing together decades of data on consumer shopping behavior with its exclusive data collection platform, PriceSpider helps brands with intelligence from a range of e-commerce sites and marketplaces with an aim to drive conversions and safeguard the brands’ integrity at every possible digital touchpoint.

Anthony Ferry, Co-Founder and CEO of PriceSpider, mentioned, “We work with a diverse range of brands ranging from multinational food and beverage companies to more niche product manufacturers, and we’re excited to help Knog with their efforts here in the US.”

By working collaboratively with the distribution partner, Highway Two, Knog plans to execute the MAP policy by October 1, 2020. Retailers can find a copy of the policy handy on the website. Besides, Highway Two will also send notifications to its dealers about the MAP update.

About PriceSpider

PriceSpider is a brand that works toward revolutionizing retail data technology by offering actionable insights that are responsible for enhancing customer experience.

PriceSpider offers the world’s biggest brands the ability to improve the customer journey and develop long-term relationships with their shoppers, ultimately resulting in improved ROI and better profit margins.