On November 4, 2020, TWG, a part of Dover, broke the news of the launch of its Configure, Price, Quote tool (CPQ), which is engineered to facilitate customers to instantly and accurately configure products, receive quotes, and download engineered drawings for tailor-made product solutions.

CPQ accounts for major investment as part of TWG’s digital transformation initiative to offer customers a streamlined solution for doing business.

Arjun Mirdha, President of TWG, said, “Delivering excellent customer experiences is a vital focus for TWG. CPQ provides our customers with a seamless configuration and quoting experience.” He added,  “Additionally, CPQ is a competitive differentiator empowering our customers to increase sales, increase product and market knowledge, and expand market share by decreasing time to quote and leveraging the vast TWG product portfolio within CPQ.”

The CPQ mechanism

The Configure, Price, Quote tool is developed to improve productivity and drive efficiencies across users. The engineering and sales teams can exclusively configure TWG products, 3D models in real-time, generate quotes and download 2D models, spec sheets, step files, and product literature that saves time during the pre-sales and bidding process.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Additionally, CPQ empowers OEMs to configure products in real-time and also facilitates the identification of potential products across the TWG product portfolio that has the potential to support certain aspects of the project during the innovation product life cycle.

For resellers and distributors

For value-added resellers and distributors, CPQ works as a sales enablement and training tool with the potential to help the sales teams respond promptly to customer inquiries across all markets and enables them to operate under a guided selling process, which can ultimately improve sales conversions.

Outfitted with a competitive differentiator, CPQ can potentially be deployed to help users get on to the next level in the digital transformation model.

What does CPQ offer?

CPQ makes available two distinct product choices, configurable and selectable. The configurable product can be tailor-made. For example, TWG’s configurable product range includes dp Winch winches, Pullmaster winches and hoists, and Gear Products hydraulic pump drives. The selectable range needs to be used as it is, and its products include slewing ring bearings, Lantec winches and hoists, and Tulsa Winch hoists.