Charting a Course for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Charting a Course for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Published by: Research Desk Released: Feb 05, 2020

While having the right tech is key to delivering great experiences, an equally important part of the equation is having the right people, processes and org structures.

WHY SHOULD THE TARGET AUDIENCE CARE? Getting value from MarTech investments is top of mind for Marketing Professionals worldwide, and the number one impediment to value realization is the fact that their organizations are not properly set up to fully utlize the tools at their disposal in an effective way. Getting the “people” side of the equation right can be make all the difference in pulling ahead from competitors that are still figuring it out.


Three best practices to design your org for successful experience delivery:

  • Cultivate the right skills and find the right talent for customer obsession
  • Set up org structures that encourage cross channel collaboration
  • Embrace the possibility of using external support to address the challenges of change management