Committed to Customers – Going Beyond the Shopping Cart

Committed to Customers – Going Beyond the Shopping Cart

Published by: Research Desk Released: Nov 05, 2019

With customers making purchase decisions in just a few clicks, online retailers need to provide an extensive range of services like replacement guarantees, scheduled on-time deliveries, attractive discounts and above all, a stellar customer experience.

Our client, a leading online fashion retailer had peculiar problems of high call volumes during seasonal sales; delayed, cancelled or returned orders leading to logistical nightmares; increasing number of unanswered calls etc. All this left behind a long queue of ‘disgruntled customers’ for our client. Team Hexaware stepped in with the promise of sustainable growth for our client’s customer service operations ensuring high quality delivery in Processes, Skills, Training and Quality. Capitalizing on the millennial mind-set, Hexaware proposed unique ideas for resolving customer disputes.

Key benefits delivered were:

  • 90% calls answered in 20 seconds
  • 30% rise in seasonal shoppers
  • Call abandonment rate decreased to less than 3%