Green Monkey Creative, a strategic creative solutions provider, has joined hands with Trevor Tynes, SEO Consultant, to expand its digital marketing services as it gears up to offer SEO (search engine optimization) services.

The partnership is designed to help Green Monkey Creative clients expand their online presence further and gain new clients on the hunt for an end-to-end digital marketing agency. With the need for businesses to stay unique online, Green Monkey Creative post the partnership is all set to offer another vital strategy to empower its client’s digital marketing portfolio.

Why SEO?

SEO is one of the strongest digital marketing services with the potential to deliver multiplying returns on digital efforts. The only mandate to reap such returns is to do SEO right.

Over time, these services multiply marketing dollars and intensify profits.

It is essential to understand that SEO is a fundamental element of digital marketing. People perform trillions of searches every day to find service and or product information. Therefore, one’s business must be listed in the top searches to be seen, found, and shown interest in.

Businesses should also note that online searches are a primary source of a brand’s digital traffic and support other forms of marketing. Elevated exposure and ranking higher than the competition in search results are proven to have a beneficial effect on the business’s bottom line.

Julie Thurgood-Burnett, Managing Director, Partner at Green Monkey Creative, on the partnership, said, “We have been looking for several years to partner with a company and offer SEO services. It has been challenging to find a company that provides the high level of services that we and our clients expect. We are so pleased to have finally found Trevor and are so impressed with the value he has provided Green Monkey Creative and now to our clients.”

Services offered by Green Monkey Creative

Green Monkey Creative, the digital marketing services agency that offers SMM (social media marketing), web/website design, and graphic services, will now extend its capabilities by providing SEO services.

Julie Thurgood-Burnett is confident that the partnership with Trevor Tynes SEO Consulting will enhance its client’s online presence and surge traffic to their websites. As the better visibility one’s pages get in search results, it is more likely to attract promising prospects and existing customers.