LCR Capital Partners, a global private investment and advisory services company that focuses on US immigration and investment, with great excitement, has announced its acquisition of Altacircle LLC, a digital marketing consultancy with deep expertise in lead generation and advertising technology.

“The immigration investment market continues to evolve. First, it was the abrupt halt of Chinese investment and the growth of new markets like India and Brazil. This year, the new investment level and the pressure from the pandemic has only reinforced how important digital tools are to client acquisition and management. We believe immigration investment firms like ours need to adopt the tools and culture of innovative fintech firms as we develop new products and work with even more sophisticated clients across the globe,” said Suresh Rajan, Founder and Executive Chairman of LCR.

John Baker, Founder and Agency Entrepreneur of Altacircle, has made digital strategy flourish with major brands in both London and New York cities since 1995. Altacircle, as a leading technology platform, gives access to industry experts who are aware of what works and also to delivery partners who can produce cost-effective marketing assets.

“We have been working with Altacircle over the last 12 months, and we have changed how we approach marketing and how we use digital tools across the business. John brings a level of marketing sophistication and experience that is truly differentiated in our industry. He also understands how to apply technology and has experience supporting new ventures,” said Sherman Baldwin, CEO of LCR.

After this acquisition, LCR will be responsible for 100% activities of the Altacircle. At the same time, John Baker will move to the position of Chief Marketing Officer as an equity partner and will also be a member of LCR’s senior leadership team.

“After 30 years of working in marketing agencies, I’m excited to be focusing my experience on LCR and the immigration investment industry. It is clear that clients have choices, and the decision to take a second residency or move to the United States is a significant one. This means LCR has to have the tools and products to be a trusted advisor and support long-term relationships with our clients. Trusted teams, great technology, and innovative thinking are the way to make this happen,” said John Baker.